About Us

Hope Malveaux, Founder of
Veaux Professional Services (VPS)

Armed with over 15 years of human resource experience, Veaux Professional Services (VPS) focuses on bringing the human interaction back into human resources. VPS provides results –focused human resourcing services, merger and acquisition human resource management, leadership training and a wide range of business services to help organizations perform at their optimum peak. We offer customized outsourcing services to help organizations with human resources solutions to fit their needs.

Our Approach

Veaux Professional Services focuses on teaching organizations to operate with a holistic leadership approach. We teach leaders to lead from the "inside out" by encouraging leaders to not only focus on what they are doing in the organization but also to be mindful of who they are “being” in the organization. Our holistic methodology teaches leaders to collaborate with others, lead at their full potential and ultimately become servant leaders. We teach leaders that effective leadership is in direct correlation with effective employees and productivity.

Our Mission

Veaux Professional Services mission is to provide human resource consulting for start- ups, small and medium size companies world-wide. Our goal is to become strategic partners with organizations and provide the services and support that they need to help foster their growth. We will build a foundation that is compliant and based on their organizational goals.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a change agent for businesses by assisting in changing the landscape of businesses from a status quo culture to a cultural transformation. It is simple, we will teach one leader at a time to lead their organization by “being” a “human” first.